4 Blazepod Deluxe 


Blazepod is a revolutionary product which will change how drivers prepare physically and mentally before and between races.


Blazepods are a flash reflex training system with unrivalled versatility.


Their primary function is to enhance speed, agility and coordination in athletes, however with the ability to create custom programmes and work outs via the app. Blazepods quickly became a full body and mind system. Currently being used by Max Verstappen, WC boxer Antony Joshua, Charles Leclerc and Liverpool FC player Roberto Firmino to name a few.


The system is the perfect warm up, allowing drivers to focus mentally with reflex activities before, at the swipe of the app, changing to an engaging physical warm up or visa versa. All activities promote awareness and increase brain processing speed, vital for a driver to compete at their best.


One key function ideally suited to drivers is the ability to create a competitive warm up, drivers can compete against a team mate or their own PB before even being strapped into the car, putting them in a winning mindset earlier and readying them for the session.


Blazepods can be used anywhere, and have been specifically designed to be used “out and about” the pods are small, light and wireless, taking up about the same space as a Bluetooth speaker.

The system also functions as a superb addition to home work outs, keeping drivers sharp between events by creating a fun, fresh and engaging workout programme, something that’s become essential with such restricted gym access during the pandemic.


Pod sets come with a selection of fixings including suction cups, allowing for zero damage truck side or home glazing fitting for example. Each set is supplied with a protective carry case and charger base, on a full charge Blazepods will last all day (8hrs).


Blazepods offer complete driver preparation, readying drivers like never before.


Whats in the box?

4 x Pods
BlazePod Case
4 x Functional Adapters
4 x Straps
4 x Suction Cups
4 x Cone Adapters
Charging Base and Micro USB Cable
BlazePod Set-Up Guide

4 Blazepod Deluxe

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