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Smart phone holder for Headrest mount, suitable for all phone sizes

Smart phone holder for Headrest mount

  • The smartphone holders are precision CNC machined from solid aluminium and finished with hard anodising for exceptional corrosion and scratch resistance.

    UNIVERSAL, Fits any Smartphone from 53.3 to 95.2mm (2.1" to 3.75")  wide, with or without a case

    The Smartphone holder can be attached easily to Headrest mount as it uses the same tripod (1/4-20) thread that Headrest mount does. Simply screw the mounting post into the bottom of the holder just as you would a camera.

    Phone is well protected by 3M-backed rubber pads and nothing contacts your phone's screen.

    - Secure: Phone is locked in place with a steel bolt (not a spring!) and protected with textured rubber pads. Extra space for edge buttons. No physical contact with phone screen.

    - Ease of Use: Just turn the knob, lock phone, and mount to any tripod.

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